Brompton Westbrook Primary School

Kings Bastion, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent. ME7 5DQ

01634 844152

Our Staff

Senior Leaders

Mrs Sue Mason - Headteacher

Mrs Karen Price -  Deputy Headteacher (FS/KS1)

Mr Kevin Presneill - Deputy Headteacher (KS2)

Mrs Amy Prentice - Assistant Headteacher & SENCo

Foundation Stage (Reception and Nursery)

Miss Leigh Copping - Nursery Manager and Teacher

Mrs Stevie Head and Miss Amanda Joughin - Nursery Assistants

Mrs Claire Lewis - Foundation Stage Phase Leader / FS Teacher

Mrs Rachel Cobley - FS Teacher

Miss Shelley Lynch - FS Teacher

Mrs Linda Grogan, Mrs Nicola Johnson and Mrs Marie Orr - FS Teaching Assistants

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Mr George Fright - KS1 Phase Leader and Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Lauren Waterman - Year 1 Teacher

Miss Sian Hetterley - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Kelly Davies - Trainee Year 1 Teacher

Miss Leighann Williams - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Katrina Hayward, Mrs Karline Evans and Mrs Jayne Ralph - KS1 Teaching Assistants

Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4)

Mrs Paula Marie - Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Sarah-Jane Bass - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Emily Bailey -  Year 3 Teacher

Miss Natalie Millard - Year 4 Teacher

Miss Rebecca Riches - LKS2 Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage (Years 5 and 6)

Mrs Kerry TindallUpper Key Stage 2 Phase  Leader and Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Rachael Stewart - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Claire Hofer _ Year 5 Teacher

Mr Jacob Waghorne- Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Angela Kirby - UKS2 TA

Other Teachers

Mrs Claire Staples - Forest School Leader and Specialist PPA teacher

Mr Iain MacDonald - Quality of Education Leader and Specialist PPA teacher

Ms Gwen Thomas - 1:1 Tuition Teacher and Dyslexia Specialist Teacher

Mrs Rachael King - Teacher

Mrs Amy Pugsley - Teacher

Mrs Natalie Kelly - Teacher

Pastoral Support

Mrs Karen Liddle - Family Liaison Officer

Mrs Julie Flain, Mrs Lisa Johnson and  Miss Rebecca Thomas - Pastoral TAs 

Administration Team

Mrs Carla Broadaway - Business Manager

Mrs Clare Knight - School Administrator

Mrs Tracy Ivory - Finance Administrator

Mrs Nikola Hambelton - School Administrator

Mrs Penny Harrison - School Administrator

Learning Environment Team

Mrs Wendy Allen - Learning Environment Assistant

Miss Clare White - Learning Environment Assistant

Before and After School Club (BA Club)

Mrs Clare Knight - BA Club Manager

Mrs Jayne Ralph - BA Club Assistant 

Mrs Clare White - BA Club Assistant

Miss Rebecca Thomas - BA Club Assistant

Mrs Angela Kirby - BA Club Assistant

Site Team

Mr Michael Skinner - Site Manager

Mr Paul Lewis - Maintenance Officer

Kitchen Team

Mrs Marion O'BrienCatering Manager

Mrs Julie Carroll, Mrs Kim Tango, Ms Kerry White and Mrs Amanda White - Catering Assistants