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Welcome to the Creative page of the School Curriculum. Following the hyperlinks on this page you will find the subjects Art, Drama and Music.  Our Creative curriculum flows as children move from Nursery through to Year 6


Art - whole school art projects are undertaken as soon as the children start at Brompton-Westbrook.  Skills are taught and practiced so that children that they themselves become artists.  They learn about famous artists from all over the world and use famous pieces of work as inspiration for their own creations.  Arts week each year is throughly enjoyed by pupils, staff and parents.   To find out more about the art curriculum look at our useful curriculum overview.

We of course adapt our teaching of curricular subjects to meet the needs of individuals / groups of pupils.   Please click here to see our Adaptive plan for the teaching of art.

Music - we love music!  We listen, we wonder and we perform.  The children astonish teachers and parents with the talent they show as they sing and play musical instruments as diverse as piano, saxophone and guitar - even Mrs Davies is learning to play the piano!  We want music to be a life long love after this strong beginning.  To find out more about the music curriculum look at our useful curriculum overview.

Adaptations are often needed to teaching within the curriculum to meet specific children's needs.  Please click here to see our Adaptive plan for the teaching of science.

Drama - our aim is to inspire children to be confident in the art of speaking, listening and performing and be able to present their work and ideas with pride. Children should be encouraged to have an appreciation of their own work and others, whilst always demonstrating respect and empathy.  We also aim for all pupils to leave Brompton Westbrook Primary school as confident, social and imaginative individuals, with an understanding of performance and presentation skills.