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Welcome to the Health section of the School Curriculum website.   The hyperlinks on this page will take you to more information about our curriculum.

PE – children complete at least 2 physical education lessons a week.  A huge variety of activities take place which the children can talk about as they evaluate the learning that they have done.  Children take part in sporting events around Medway as well as Sport's days in school.  Healthy competition and pride in achievement is fostered and encouraged along with sportsmanship.  To find out more about the PE curriculum look at our curriculum overview.

We of course adapt our teaching of curricular subjects to meet the needs of individuals / groups of pupils.   Please click here to see our Adaptive plan for the teaching of PE.

PSHE – In Personal, Social and Health Education children complete a variety of activities and learn skills to build confidence and resilience and learn how to keep their bodies healthy.  Throughout our time at the school we develop our social skills so that we become friendly, caring, polite and proud members of society who demonstrate British values. To find out more about the PSHE curriculum look at our curriculum overview.  Click on this link to read the Westbrook Trust policy regarding the teaching of PSHE.

Adaptations are often needed to learning to meet children's needs.  Please click here to see our Adaptive plan for the teaching of PSHE.

RSE - in Relationship and Sex Education we follow the Medway agreed syllabus.  If you click here you can see our policy regarding the teaching of the subject, the links below will explain what is taught in specific year groups.

Year 1 and 2

Year 3

Year 4 and 5

Year 6

Wellbeing – the wellbeing of our school community is paramount.  All children are supported to talk about their wellbeing and how they feel.  Classes have worry boxes in which pupils can write a note about the things that sometimes worry them so that further help can be provided.  We have a strong team of staff to support your chilld with their mental health including in school counselling services, 2 senior Senior Mental Health Teachers and a range of internal and outreach programmes that can be can be accessed.  Please speak to your child's class teacher or Mrs Kelly (Senior Mental Health Teacher)  if you are concerned about your child's mental health.

We use the 5 Ways to Wellbeing to support children's mental health and each term we have a different focus across the school.

Find out more about what wellbeing might mean to your child by clicking on the YouTube video below.