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The Heart of our Community - the Children

Forest School

If you ask the children at school what they love about being at school most of them will tell you about our Forest School and our allotment.  Everyone gets to enjoy our fanatastic grounds and learn things across the curriculum.


When you were at school yourself what was your favourite subject?  Lots of children here at the school are eager and excited to share their love of their favourite subject.  

From reading to sport to RE children are invited to put themselves forward as ambassadors for a subject and celebrate it loudly and proudly.

Just read these quotes from maths, reading, school council and RRS ambassadors.

"I get to help other children with their maths.  Mrs Price always give us maths challenges."  Isla

"i get to know about everything that we are doing and can ask the class questions about their point of view."  Freya - School Councillor.

"I like being a Rights Respecting School ambassador because we encourage people to learn more about their rights."  Zylah

"I like being a reading ambassador because we get to go to fun meetings and I love reading." Lissi

"I like helping children and challenging them to get to their limit in maths.  I like using Freckle and TTRockstars  they help with my times tables."  Freddie