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Welcome to the English site. If you are stuck with ideas for writing tasks then look no further than the ideas in the writing section. These have specific prompts but they can also be used as an idea kick off for further ideas. Remember keeping a Lockdown diary is also a great thing to do because this is an historical event and it would be amazing to be able to read your thoughts years down the line. Samuel Pepys wrote  a very famous diary during a similar period of struggle. Keep up with the writing.   Mr MacDonald


In the Reading section you will find everything you need for reading extension and support.

In the poetry section you will find small video clips of Mr MacDonald reciting poems. Hopefully he will keep adding to these. Try reciting poems yourself. Try to learn one off by heart. There are thousands of poems you could recite or you could write your own.


Story Time-below there will be a mixture of stories read by Mr MacDonald

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