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Who said Maths can't be fun?

Welcome to Maths, here you will find a variety of interesting challenges and activities that you can complete during Lockdown. We have tried to include lots of different types of activities that should appeal to everyone. Remember that you can share your learning with on the website via your child's phase email or alternatively via Twitter. Perhaps you could let us know which one is your favourite and why. Alternatively perhaps you could share a maths joke that you like.


Maths Challenges and Inter-Active Learning



Key Stage 1


Key Stage 2


Mathematical Stories

The use of storytelling could be another effective  way of learning maths while keeping your child firmly engaged with what they are doing. What’s more – this strategy is not limited to just pre-school children, but is applicable to those in primary schools and beyond too. There are lots of stories for all age groups that can be accessed and used to help with the learning of mathematical concepts, details of these can be found on the Maths Through Stories website ( As well as some suggestions of possible books to share with your child there are lots of suggestions about how to engage your child through the sharing of a story. If you do find a book that you think that your child would like to read please remember that we can always check the ATOS level of the book so that it may become part of your child's Accelerated Reader home learning.  Please use your child's pahse email to contact staff if you need help with this.



 A challenge........


A cowboy arrived in town on Tuesday, he stayed for three days and left on Sunday....How did this happen?