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Welcome to the STEM section of the School Curriculum website. Here on this page you can find more information about the  subjects Computing (including online safety), Design Technology and Science.

Science – We are proud of being scientists!  Everyone enjoys our science lessons and Mrs Hofer loves encouraging all the children at our school to feel interested, enthusaiastic and excited by the skills they have learnt.   To find out more about the skills and knowledge that children attain and consolidate in Science look at our useful curriculum guide.

Computing - All children from Y1 to Y6 have lessons in computing every term.  They learn skills as diverse as coding, how to keep safe on the internet and blogging.  To find out more about teaching and learning in computing look at our useful curriculum overview.  The children have assemblies about Online Safety throughout the year.

Design Technology – Our school family loves technology; we design, make and evaluate when working with food, textiles and materials.  Last year Y5 even made electric buggies.  To find out more about what we teach in DT look at our useful curriculum overview.