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We have a new way for you to report your child's absence from school.  To make reporting absence even easier we are now using Studybugs (which you will have read about in Mrs Mason's newsletter).  Please click on the blue "Report Absence on Studybugs" link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Every week during Celebration assembly Reggie the Robin flies off to the class in school with the best attendance and he stays there for the whole week - please ask your child about him!  It has become a real competition in school to see which class can strive for the highest attendance in order to welcome Reggie.

There is of course a serious side to Reggie's message.  Good attendance is vital to all children's attainment, and improving of social skills and emotional intelligence.  Expected attendance across the country is 96% and it is not difficult for this percentage to go down quickly.

For example do you realise ...

For every day of school missed by a pupil it will reduce their attendance by 0.5%.

If ten whole days of school have been missed your child will have 95% attendance.

If twenty whole days of school have been missed your child will have only 90% attendance


If you would like to read our attendance policy in full please click here.

Our attendance motto is "Be here to get there!"


Here are some of the things our children have said about being in school.

What I like about school is learning

Its good because your brain gets bigger.

You can do your sounds, wordsearches, Read, Write, Inc and Phonics.

The best part I like about school is the teachers.

You can learn things you didn’t know before.

We learn about different and new things.

I like playtime and lunch time.

Its good because there are friends.

Its good because you get to experience reading.

Your friends are so kind to you.

When you make a mistake your teacher will help you

I like art time.

Come to school because it’s fun

I love the stories.

I like math time.

I really like the teachers.

We love the teachers.

You make good friends.

If you’re sad, the teachers will help you.

School helps you with your spellings, writing and reading.

Your friends and teachers are there to help you.