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Welcome to the Computing Curriculum page of the school website. On this page you will find a range of different resources for you to access as well as ideas to practice your computing skills in different contexts.

If you are looking for additional information regarding e-safety, please follow the tab off of the computing curriculum page.

Morse Code

Can you work out the coded message and then have a go at writing your own?
Can you work out the coded message and then have a go at writing your own?

Try to crack the message below using the Morse code above and then have a go at writing your own for your friends or family to try!

../.... --- .--, ./-.-- --- ..-/.- .-. ./-.- . . .--. .. -. --/.-- . .-.. .-../.- -. -../... .- ..-. ./-.. ..- .-. .. -. --./.-.. --- -.-. -.- -.. --- .-- -./..-. .-. --- --/-- .-./ ..-. .-. .. --. .... -/ 

Computing school trips

 We were fortunate to be invited to an E-Sports event at The Royal Engineer Museum last year, This gave the children who attended the opportunity to have one to one tuition of popular games from the Royal Engineer E-Sports team as well as a guided tour around the museum. Some of the children who attended were also interviewed for the local newspaper as well as media broadcasting company 'Ayozat'. Below are a few pictures from the event, which we hope we will be able to attend again in the future. 


 In school, we currently use Purple Mash to support our teaching of the computing curriculum. Every child has their own log in and password. Some skills such as 'coding' are now taught throughout a child's time at Primary School and are skills which can be practiced consistently.

Below are a list of activities on Purple Mash which you may want to practice in your own time. There are also many other resources available on Purple Mash to access at home. - A free code area for Key Stage 1 children - A free code area for Lower Key stage 2 children  - A free code area for Upper Key stage 2 children - A game design resource for children of all ages. - A resource to teach children of all ages to touch type using a keyboard.

Useful Computing websites

Key stage 1 computing resources found at

Key stage 2 computing resources found at

Information on Key stage 1 Computing curriculum found at

Information on Key stage 2 Computing Curriculum found at