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Hello budding historians! On this page you will find ideas, activities and websites related to history to keep you occupied during lock down.

Keep documenting current history with your photos and messages as one day, people will want to know about this major International event!

Mrs Tindall

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English Heritage have produced some great resources for parents to try at home.


History is an important subject to learn, but it can be hard to know where to start. English Heritage have gathered advice, hints and tips from teachers, education experts and historians to support your teaching of the past. 

You can find an overview here: 

You can find a Guide to Home Learning here:

Information about historical collections here: 

Information about black lives in Britain here: 

The story of 1066 here:

Resources about Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk) here:

The story of the Solstice and its links to Stonehenge here:




1. Take a museum tour. Many of the museums around the world are offering virtual tours and online activities. Make it a family visit!

2. Discover 'Takeover Day'. Find out about Takeover Day which is when museums, galleries, historic homes, archives and heritage sites invite young people to take over jobs normally done by adults.

3. Create a time capsule. Put objects into a time capsule that are relevant to Coronavirus e.g. an empty toilet tube, a rainbow and even an interview with your family. Here are some questions you might ask:

  1. What is some recent information that you can share about what is happening with the pandemic?
  2. How do you feel right now?
  3. How has this affected your work or school?
  4. What is something positive that has come from this experience for you?
  5. What are you doing to pass the time?
  6. What do you miss most right now?
  7. What is the first thing you'd like to do when this is all over?
  8. What lessons has this experience taught you?

4. Complete an online spring trail through the museums –you can opt for under 5’s or 5-11’s.

5. Complete a history Lego challenge every Tuesday via Hastings Museum’s Facebook page or come up with your own idea!

6.Research a famous disease in the past . You could find out about The Plague or Smallpox. Here is a link to a video about Edward Jenner who discovered a vaccine for smallpox.

7. Keep a diary. Look at this link about Anne Frank and her diary. You could start your own diary about your experiences of the Coronavirus.

8. Find out about your family history by making a family tree.

9. Find out how has life changed in the last 100 years? Speak to your parents, grandparents, neighbours and elderly friends and ask them what the ‘Covid Lockdown’ would have been like if it had happened when they were little.

 What would they have done to pass the time? What foods would they have eaten? What games or toys did they have? What wasn’t invented in their childhood?

10. Design a football strip with National Football Museum. Answer tricky quiz questions, spot the subtle differences in kits, decipher the history of the football shirt and make your own origami jerseys with the National Football Museum website.



Here is a link to a wonderful animation of how London may have looked in 1666, prior to the Great Fire


USEFUL HISTORY WEBSITES (KS1 history) (KS2 history)   (Encouraging children into museums, including virtually during lock down. Weekly tips and activities for history fans)   (Online galleries)  (History of art)  (London Transport Museum) (Natural History museum –lots of ‘try at home’ activities)


Jeremy from The Guildhall Museum, Rochester  has created some great videos about historical events. 

You can watch them all here: