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While we are on lockdown and away from school, I thought this would be a great idea to share some poetry with you. I have recorded some clips/films of me reading some poems. Some are sad, some are humorous. Some are historic, some are modern. You may like one or you may like a lot of them. You can just listen to them or maybe you'd like to learn one off by heart. I will add some more next week. Enjoy and yes my beard is growing again and my hair has gone very Oscar Wilde!  Mr MacDonald.




LOCKDOWN poems. have a go at writing your own poems that have been inspired by the school closure. Perhaps your poem could be about adventures or boredom, missing your friends or imaginary friends. It is up to you.

 Hugger Mugger.MOVDownload
 Life as a sheep.MOVDownload
 The Garden of Eden.MOVDownload
 The Whale.MOVDownload
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 Arabian Nights.MOVDownload
 Creative Writing.MOVDownload
 Dave Dirt.MOVDownload
 Instructions for giants.MOVDownload
 Never saw it.MOVDownload
 Sound Collector.MOVDownload
 St George's Day Richard II.MOVDownload
 The boy stood.MOVDownload
 The Eagle.MOVDownload
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 A Sound Collector.MOVDownload
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 Answer to a child's question.MOVDownload
 Isn't my name magical.MOVDownload
 Please Mrs Butler.MOVDownload
 Some One.MOVDownload
 The North Wind.MOVDownload
 Written in March.MOVDownload
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