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Week commencing 13th January 2020

Having got back into the swing of things last week, we are now looking forward to our first complete week in Term 3. For the rest of this term we would like to welcome Miss Guilder, who is working alongside Ms Stewart and her class as part of her teacher training. Miss Guilder has settled really quickly into our phase and the children have already enjoyed working with her across all areas of the curriculum. In Maths this week Year 6 ( Mrs Tindall's Group) will be learning about the properties of triangles including calculating missing angles and Ms Stewart's group will be learning all about fractions. Year 5 will continue with their learning about Area and Perimeter. In English this week Mrs Tindall's group will be completing their work on Ted Hughes novel The Iron Man and Mrs Stewart's group will be combining their English and topic learning to investigate and write about favela's in Brazil. This theme continues in Year 5 who will be using their understanding of the favelas to write a detailed description. We have a geography focus for our topic work this term so this week all children in the phase will be learning about where Brazil is on the globe and looking at its physical features. Our PSHE work continues with us learning about how to be safe and hygienic when handling food and this learning will continue next week as well. In RE we will be thinking about how celebrations take on various formats for different people. Last week in Science we began to think about how living things could be classified and we continue to develop this understanding this week by describing how living things are classified into groups, our guided reading sessions will also give us the opportunity to look at the work of the scientist Carl Linnaeus to further support our science learning. We have already started to look at the work of Brazilian artists and this work will continue this week we have a go at designing our own drawings inspired by Brazilian art. Swimming for Year 5 was a great success last week, the children were complimented twice for their behaviour to and whilst at the pool, all the children were accessed and they are now in their learning groups ready for this week's lesson. This week also sees 8 of our Year 6 children attending a swimming gala at Medway Park and we wish them every success with that. Some Year 6 children have been busy volunteering to help catalogue the school's reading books ready for the launch of our new reading initiative Accelerated Readers Scheme and they showed excellent team work and were dab hands at getting the books ready in a speedy and efficient manner - Well Done everybody! We continue to encourage the children to learn their spellings and mental maths skills in preparation for the weekly tests taking place on Friday and we thank you all for your continued support with this at home. Finally, just a gentle reminder to ensure all children have PE kits in school for Thursday and Year 6 children for Friday too, many thanks.