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Messages from your teachers

Monday 11th May 2020

Reading Challenge

Good morning Year 3.  Hope you are all staying safe and well.  The teacher's in 3/4 would like to set you all a reading challenge!  We will be monitoring your achievements through Accelerated Reader and will notify the top 5 readers every week via text message.  We will look for the top 5 highest word count for the week, the top 5 most quizzes passed in the week, the year 3 star performer of the week.  As well as this, we will look at the highest word count in both classes and the phase!  The results will be displayed every Friday for you all to see.  Good luck and start reading! 

Any questions please contact your teacher via the LKS2 email address.

26/06/20 - 03/07/20 - Accelerated Readerboard!

Year 3 Quizzes Passed Word Count
1st Abeeb - 17 Prisha - 131,118
2nd Harrison - 13 Maria A - 20,757
3rd Zuhaib - 6 Zuhaib - 18,524
4th Sophie and Ethan A - 4 Alfie - 16,165
5th Oliver S - 13,409

Year 3 Star Performer of the Week - Zuhaib (3F)

Year 3 Class Word Count Standings: 3F = 241,624          3W = 66,859

Nearly a quarter of a million words from 3F means that they have won again. Super work!

Year 3 and 4 Phase Word Count Standings:

Phase Word Count
1st 3F = 2,092,512
2nd 4M = 1,056,153
3rd 4K = 759,055
4th 3W = 547,342


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Hello to everyone, we hope that you are all still managing to cope with the current situation and that this message finds you all safe and well. It seems like such a long time since we all have been together and I am sure you are, like all of us teachers, really missing being at school.  We would like to say a really big well done for continuing with your home learning, us teachers are regularly checking Accelerated Reader, TTrockstars and Numbots and we can see the excellent work that is being completed – keep it up! You should have all received by now your login for Sumdog. We are going to be setting maths and Spag work via Sumdog too, so watch this space! Remember to keep up with your Accelerated Reader too!  For those of you that have been keeping an eye on the birdbox, you will know that the birds have now laid their eggs and are waiting for them to hatch – it’s a great way to keep up to date with nature and it will be lovely to watch as the chicks hatch and grow. We hope that you have all been managing to keep fit during lock down and enjoying taking part in Joe Wick’s daily work out.  I have been doing a daily walk with my husband to keep active whilst not in school.  I hope that you have all have enjoyed the work that is being added to the website each week. We all hope that it will not be too long before we get to see each other again, in the meantime keep doing your home learning. Remember that you can contact any of us via the Lower Key Stage 2 email, we would love to hear from you, you can also send us pictures and videos to upload on to the website or you can Tweet us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care and keep safe.

Warm regards from us all,

Mrs Marie

Wednesday 1st April 2020

A drawing that may be familiar to the children of 3W...



Friday 27th March 2020

Hi 3W, I have missed you so incredibly much over the last week and hope you are all keeping safe and busy doing lots of fabulous home learning with your families! I've been keeping an eye on your accelerated reader and TT rockstars progress and I'm impressed by you all as always. You'll be pleased to know that being away from the classroom hasn't stopped me singing, dancing or being as embarrassing as you all remember. Please feel free to email any photos of work you have been doing to Please continue to stay safe and be amazing, I can't wait to see you again.

Mr Waghorne


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning 3F and 3W.  I am really missing seeing you all every day!  I hope you are enjoying the home learning that has been uploaded for you and that you are working hard to complete the tasks.   Remember, that if you have a keen interest in something we haven't included then you can explore that too!  Keep practicing those times tables on TTRockstars and keep a track of your best scores.  Keep yourselves safe and well and I very much look forward to seeing you all again soon!

From Mrs Marie

Saturday 4th April 2020

Good morning year 3!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe Easter holiday and set you two Easter challenges.

Challenge 1 - don't eat too much chocolate! (although I don't really expect you to meet this one)

Challenge 2 - to score your best score on TTRockstars (I will check these daily over the holidays)

Good luck with your challenges and  I really look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Mrs Marie

Friday 10th April 2020

Morning to you all year 3!  We would love to know what you have been up to and how you have been keeping busy.  Remember your challenges that I set last week, I can see that some of you are trying hard to improve your scores - well done!  Not sure how you are getting on with the chocolate challenge, (to be honest I haven't met that one either!)  

Remember you can send photos and messages to your teacher via the LKS2 email address.

Have a great Easter - hope to see you all very soon. 

Mrs Marie 

Listen to Mr Waghorne reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Chapter 1 - Down the rabbit hole.

Chapter 2. The Pool of tears....