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Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

Our new weekly blogs will give you more information about what your child is doing in school.  This will mean that you can ask meaningful questions to find out about their learning.

Term 1 & 2 overview

The theme for terms 1 and 2 is ‘Farming through the Ages’. This will mainly focus on prehistoric Britain looking at the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and the changes that occurred during this period. It looks at how people living in Ancient Britain moved from hunters to gatherers. We hope to have a school visit to Kent Life where we can experience what life was like as an early Briton. In our science lessons, children will look at different rocks and soils in order to identify and classify uses of them through the ages. In Rights Respecting Schools lessons, the children will learn about their human rights, as well as identifying differences from children from previous ages. All of the phase will enjoy learning new skills in PE including tag rugby, gym and fitness training.


Week commencing 23rd September 2019

This week in literacy the children in year 3 will be working on increasing their stamina by completing 10 minute challenges at the start of each lesson.  The children will continue to work on place value in numeracy. During topic the focus will be learning about Skara Brae as well as continuing to develop their understanding about 'The Stone Age'.  The music specialist will continue to teach the children to play the ocarina on Tuesday afternoon.

This week the children that have been chosen for celebration assembly from year 3 are:

3F Jack - for the improvement in his attitude towards his work this week.

3F Jamil - for using his good general knowledge to contribute to class discussions.

3W Alfie - for excellent effort and determination with his maths work.

3W Sofie - for displaying improved resilience in her writing.

Week commencing 16th September 2019

This week in literacy year 3 children will be enhancing their vocabulary by thinking about character's thoughts and feelings within the text.  In numeracy they will continue to learn about place value and using their knowledge to answer questions.  The children will begin their immersion into 'The Stone Age' during history and will develop their understanding of the time period.  In addition to this, the children will begin to learn how to play the ocarina with a specialist teacher.


Week commencing 9th September 2019

This week in year 3 the children will be continuing with the induction timetable, to enable them to familiarise themselves with new classes and routines.  In literacy the children will remain in classes to learn reading and writing skills to immerse them in our Stone Age topic.  In addition, they will now participate in two PE lessons per week which will focus on Tag rugby and fitness training.  In numeracy children will begin to learn about place value and numbers.