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Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

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Term 6 Week 5

This week In topic we will be continuing to investigate the Romans in preparation for our Romans day and practicing our multiskills in PE in preparation for sports day next week.  In literacy we are going to be writing questions for the Year 4 teachers and letters to the Year 2 children to tell them all about our learning in Year 3.. In science we will be continuing to look at forces, exploring magnets, In Maths we are continuing to measure mass and capacity, 

Term 5 and 6 Overview 

The theme for term 5 and 6 is Romans. Within these terms, children will learn about the formation of the Roman Empire, the Roman army and how they marched, as well as understanding about the 'Battle of Medway'. Children will conduct their own research into the Romans, focusing on what the Romans invented, famous Gods and Goddesses and in literacy, we will read ‘Escape from Pompeii’. The children’s learning will be culminated in our own mock Roman battle using the Roman shields made in DT lessons. Wellbeing Wednesdays will be launched across the school, which emphasise the importance of looking after our mental and physical health through art lessons, mindfulness, getting active and special projects. Finally, children will enjoy sports day at the end of term 6.