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3B Gallery

Term 4 Remote Learning Week 1

Our first week of our new topic climate change. We've had lots of discussions about how we can help to stop global warming and I have loved seeing your posters, protest signs and climate change work. A great start to the term 3B

Term 3 Remote Learning Week 6

Our last week of term has been filled with lots of snow and ended with a screen free day. You will be amazed with the fabulous photos of the work this week and hopefully you've all had a lot of fun. You all deserve a well-earned break next week- well done 3B!

Remote Learning Week 5

A super week this week from 3B - so many photographs and messages about your learning! I have really enjoyed seeing the Maths work on graphs and the cooking pictures (with funny stories to accompany them!) I have smiled lots at people's interpretations of Italian Opera and loved the volcano posters too. Have a great weekend!

Term 3 Remote Learning Week 4

Wow! What a creative bunch you've been this week. Maybe it was the Maths topic on shapes and symmetry or maybe you've all found a renaissance artist in yourself but I have been blown away by the enthusiasm and skill in your artwork this week. I think the Maths work has been fabulous to see and I have noticed that many of you continue to thrive on SirLinkalot. You and your parents should be super proud of what you have achieved - please have a fun and relaxing weekend!

Term 3 Remote Learning Week 3

Week 3 brings lots of photos of Sir Linkalot spellings and plenty of parallel and perpendicular lines. We are so impressed with some of the extra projects that you are creating such as a fact booklet about Europe or a detailed picture of all the things that make you happy. Attendance to the Masterclasses is great too -well done 3B you are doing fantastically!

Term 3 Remote Learning Week 2

Another really successful week! I've seen super, spooky skeletons, vile vocabulary, amazing angles work plus lots of exercising children. You should be so pleased with what you've achieved!

Term 3 Remote Learning Week 1

Wow! What a great start to the term. We are so proud of how well you have tackled the new changes and completed your work at home. Look at all this wonderful leaning...disgusting monster pizza ingredients, workouts, lots of Maths and Spag work and Italian flags and vocabulary. Keep it up 3B!