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Messages from your teachers



Welcome to Term 6 Year 2! Can you believe it's the last term? We wish we could see you all at school. We are busy making the school safe at the moment and have welcomed back some of the Nursery and Reception classes already so we hope it won't be long before we welcome you back to!


Did you enjoy the beautiful sunshine in the half term? We hope you all managed to do fun things at home :)


Our topic this term would have been 'The Victorians' so try to use the weekly timetables to help give you some activities to help you learn more about the Victorian era. Feel free to do other learning things that interest you too - we love to see pictures or hear about your learning so don't forget to email us -we will write back!


Hope to hear from you soon

Mrs Bass, Miss Millard, Mrs Evans and Miss Williams


We have been looking at the number of books you have been reading and the quizzes you have taken. Below are the top 10 quiz takers for May -congratulations! Keep us the awesome reading.

  1. Mark -47
  2. Atos -39
  3. Cameron -31
  4. Jayden -28
  5. Oscar.L and Layla -26
  6. Beau -21
  7. Khanak - 20
  8. Lucas-James, Favour and Akritee - 18
  9. Hallie -15
  10. Rhys and Chloe -14


Hi Year 2,

We are so pleased to have received lots of photos and emails the last couple of weeks and really happy that so many of you took part in the Accelerated Reader quiz challenge last week. We are hoping you are enjoying the activities at home - the photos look as though you are! We are super impressed by the children who have been raising money for the NHS and you can check the display board for photos of children completing charity events.

Hopefully you are all confident in using the online resources available such as TTrockstars, Numbots and Sumdog. We love to see which books you have been reading and taking quizzes on! You can read real books or online ones via Myon before taking a quiz on accerlerated reader. Don't forget to use the links through the website rather than typing them in. The links have been copied below.


If there is anything you need help with or any more of a particular subject that you would like to see more of, then let us know.

We are thinking of you every day and hope that you are all happy and healthy. 

From Mrs Bass, Mrs Evans, Miss Williams and Miss Millard.


Be sure to follow the school on Twitter @BWPrimary so you can share what you have been up to with your friends and teachers.


Hi 2B and 2M,

We hope you have a lovely Easter break! We'd love to see photos of what you get up to, if you could post them on our school Twitter page @BWPrimary that would be fantastic!

Have fun, stay safe and keep in touch!

Love the Year 2 team



Hi 2B,

I hope you have all kept happy and safe over the last two weeks. Did you do some of the activities in our timetables? What would you like to see more of? It has been so strange not being with you in class and I'm missing you all very much! Thank goodness I've seen lots of pictures that your parents have sent in over email or Twitter, you look like you've had lots of great activities to keep you busy. Now it's the Easter holidays so I hope you'll have some time to relax and play. There are suggested activities on the Year 2 tab if you do need some inspiration - but also share your pictures on Twitter so you can inspire us! I've attached some photos of what my family have been doing so you can see that I still get to teach everyday (it's not the same without my amazing class though!)

Keep being the awesome 2B class at home and I really hope we get to see each other again soon! 

From Mrs Bass


Good morning to everyone in year 2. I hope your keeping yourself busy and all learning some wonderful new things at home. I’m keeping myself busy with lots of baking, online learning just like you and I’m also trying to complete my latch hook rug! Miss all your smiley faces already. From Mrs Evans.



Hi Year 2 children, we have missed not seeing you at school this week! We have been keeping an eye on the accelerated reader website and are very impressed with some of your word counts! Keep up the great reading :) We can't wait to see what you've been up to this week -don't forget you can send us photos or messages on the email: If you have planted seeds, let us know when they start growing!

From Mrs Bass, Miss Millard, Mrs Evans and Miss Williams