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Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

Our new weekly blogs will give you more information about what your child is doing in school.  This will mean that you can ask meaningful questions to find out about their learning.

Week Commencing 2nd March 2020

This week, children will weigh and measure in maths. Children will go on to plan a story and generate character descriptions. In PE, children will continue with their beach themed dancing. In science, children will explore floating and sinking with tap water and salty water. They will learn about making predictions, carrrying out an experiment and evaluating their learning. 

Week Commencing 24th Febraury 2020

Children will read Tiddler and create their own diary entries, they will learn about feelings linked to the text. In maths, children will study length and measurement. Children will fish for phonics and investigate real fish!

Week Commencing 10th February 2020

This week, children are excited about parent consultation meetings and the Paddington event. You will get to see Term 3 learning and you will follow instructions to make a marmalade sandwich with your child. Look out for their rainforest factfiles, travel brochures and sketches. 

Week Commencing 3rd February 2020

This week, children will learn to tell the time (o'clock and half past). They will write about rainforests, build rainforest dens and sort animals that live in the rainforset. Children will participate in mulit-skills activities during PE time. 

Week Commencing  20th Jauary 2020

Children in year 1 will learn about how to make a marmalade sandwich. They will go on to design their own sandwich. In maths, children will apply their knowledge of place value to addition. 

Week Commencing 13th January 2020

This week, children will begin to create their own travel brochures. They will learn about London and start to identify landmarks. In maths, children will continue to study place value. 

Week Commencing 6th January 2020

This week children will be intrudiced to Paddington's arrival to England. They will begin to explore rainforests. In maths, they will study place value. 

Week Commencing 16th December 2019

Children are excited about Snowman Day. They will partipate in writing, maths and geography acitivities linked to the the film.  

Week Commencing 9th December 2019

Children will be investigating length and height. Children will learn that email is a form of communication and they will respond to an email from Santa. Children in Year 1 will make maps for Santa to follow. 

Week Commencing 2nd December 2019

In maths children will be sequencing, exploring patterns and learning the days of the week. Children will design, make and evaluate their own Christmas decoration. In PE children will evaluate their dance routines.

Week Commencing 25th November 2019

Children will begin to learn about Christmas and how Christians is celebrated. Children will go on to visit a local church. Children will begin to design an advent calendar. In maths, children will explore fact families.  

Week Commencing 4th November 2019

Children will participate in activities linked to 'Fireworks'. They will learn about Guy Fawkes and will retell the story. Children will walk to The Memorial and learn about Rememberence Day. In maths, children will start to subtract. 

Week Commencing 21st October 2019

This week Children will make banners to raise awareness of mental health. They will continue with their art work linked to Andy Warhol. In maths, children will rehearse skills taught this term and apply them to problem solving questions. 

Week Commencing 14th October 2019 

Children will learn about pets. They will have contact with a dog and will label body parts. They will say how they could look after a pet and talk about pets that they have at home. In maths, children will be completing number bonds activities. 

This week the following children were chosen for celebration assembly:- Paul, Grace.L, Alecia, Zachary 

Week Commencing 7th October 2019

Children will participate in Road Safety activities this week.  They are going to look at the work of Andy Warhol and start to replicate images using pastels and paint. Children will say what they have been learnining in computing lessons. 

Week Commnencing 30th September 2019

Children will learn about autumn . They will consider colours linked to autumn and will begin to colour mix with paint. Children will start to combine numbers and will be introduced to the part-whole model using practical resources. Year 1 will continue to practice yoga and learn about rights. 

This week the following children were chosen for celebration assembly: Tilly, Ruby, Aadya and Omar.

Week Commencing 23rd September 2019

Children will visit the library on Monday. In maths, children will begin to compare and order numbers. In computing, children will learn to save work. Year 1 will learn about family members and share who is important to them. 

Week Commencing 16th September 2019

Children will learn to compare numbers and quantities. Children will look at different stages of the human lifecycle and begin to talk about height. Year 1 will find out about seasonal changes and will start to discuss the changes in weather.

Week Commencing Monday 9th September 2019

Children will begin to look at the environment around them and will start to offer suggestions to improve it. In Maths, children will count forward and backwards, paying attention to missing numbers. Children will talk about time capsules and will be writing their aspirations to hide in the capsule. 

Term 4 - Investigating floating with tap water and salt water.

Term 4-Look at our new Super Writing capes!

Year 1 Home Learning - Term 4.

Term 3 Learning.

Term 2 Learning.

In Term 2 we visited St Mark's Church.

Term 1 Learning.

Yoga and Computing in Year 1..

Maths in 1H.

Year 1 Parental Engagement  Visit - The Library.

Week Commencing 9th September 2019 - Number work