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Messages from your teachers

Saturday 30th May

Good Morning Larch class and the rest of reception :) What a LOVELY week of weather you have had for your half term! Teachers have been busy back at school continuing to plan you home schooling and getting ready for some pupils to return. Have a look at Mrs Mason's letter and the link to the parents booklet to see what changes we've had to make to our school. Hopefully it won;t be forever and we'll see you all back soon (fingers crossed) Not many photographs have been sent in this week as i think that you've all been enjoying the sunshine and time off! My children were at home with their Daddy, playing in the paddling pool, doing arts and crafts and writing letters to family and friends. The weathers looks lovely again for the weekend so we'll going for our weekly bike ride/walk and enjoying the paddling pool :) I think we'll be doing more baking, maybe a cake this week? Last week we made a Rocky road and flap jacks, both were DELICIOUS!

Take care

Mrs Lewis x

Thursday 21st May

Good Morning Larch class and the rest of reception :) Wow, another lovely week full of sunshine, how have you been enjoying it? I have been out in the garden watching my children in their paddling pool. We had a BBQ yesterday and stayed outside in the pool until quite late! This week is our half term (i know that yours isn't until next week) so we have been baking (again) chocolate muffins and chocolate cake this time :) I have also been busy starting your reports. I really enjoy writing them, they make me smile and remind me of all the progress you have made :) I am still doing Joe Wicks (most days) and i have been out enjoying my daily walks. I have uploaded more photographs and there even more new faces so check them out!

As it's half term next week there will be an activity sheet giving you ideas suggesting things you can do or you can just enjoy your week off and do what ever you choose to do. Keep sending in your photographs and messages as we LOVE to see what you have all been up to :) 

Take care and stay safe Mrs Lewis x

Friday 15th May

Good Afternoon Sycamore Class,

 How are you all? Thank you for sending in photographs and messages about how your home learning is going, it really does make my day to hear from you and see your wonderful smiles :)  It’s great to hear that a lot of you are keeping in touch with friends and family through video chats and phone calls, I am doing the same and I find it very uplifting! I’ve also been going for daily walks/runs, I try to set myself goals to achieve everyday it really helps me feel motivated!  What outdoor activities have you been up to?

Keep sending in updates to our EYFS email and post to our school’s twitter, hearing from you always puts smiles on our faces :)

Keep safe and keep positive,

Miss Lynch x


Friday 15th May

Good Morning Chestnut class,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.  What have you all been up to?  The weather has not been as hot, but at least it is dry.  I have washed my car this week and home schooling my children.  A neighbour has given my children some sunflower plants and we have been taking care of them.  My children are having a competition to see who’s will grow the most!  I am still keeping up with my running and go a couple of times a week.  (I only do it so I can still eat my favourite snacks – I wonder if you can remember what I love to eat the most – CRISPS!)  I did try one of Joe Wick’s workouts but that was just too tiring and made my legs ache for days!! How have you all been keeping fit?  I know that some children in Reception have been out on their bikes and scooters or going for walks.  Hope everyone is enjoying the home learning challenges.  Don’t forget to email the Early Years team or post on twitter your updates.  I love reading your messages and looking at your photos!  Missing you all immensely, sending a virtual hug to you all,

Mrs Cobley

Friday 15th May

Hello Everyone,

It is so good to see so many of your photographs of your cooking, baking, drawings, celebrations, camping, playing in your garden and in your pools and having fun whilst your learning. I have been keeping busy too. My daughter, son and i took part in the 'Miles at Home Challenge' completing my home learning tasks and I've been baking too.

Take care everyone and continue to stay safe

Mrs Johnson 

Thursday 14th May

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. I have been busy completing home learning from school, learning new things. My daughter and I took part in the 'miles at home' challenge by walking 4 miles during our daily exercise, we had to walk quickly and not be as chatty! I have enjoyed looking at your photographs , it is great to see some new faces keep sending them in everyone! I am off out on my bike now, take care everyone!

Mrs Grogan

Thursday 14th May

Good morning reception :) Thank you for sending in your photographs of your home learning, it really does cheer us up to see your faces and what you have been up to :) I have been busy with planning new ideas for you to do things at home and i have had LOTS of different zoom meetings catching up and getting organised. I have continued to bake at home, we made banana loaf and lemon drizzle which was yummy :) My children have been busy at home making their own creations from lego and also using up out arts and crafts. We took part in the Miles at home challenge and they have been going to the park once a week on their bikes. I continue to use my hour of daily exercise to go for a long walk. I have noticed LOTS of changes with tress, plants and flowers-what about you?

Take care, keep smiling

Mrs Lewis x

Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe and staying as positive as possible, I’m definitely missing your smiles! It’s great to hear that so many of you are enjoying the timetables that we have planned. It’s wonderful that a lot of you are embracing home learning and even creating your own classes! I cannot wait to hear all about them when I next see you, I’ll have to ask for some tips!  I have added some of your photos to our on our @BWPSarts twitter page – check it out :)

Be sure to follow the school on Twitter @BWPrimary so we can share what you have been up to with your friends and teachers.

Keep safe and keep smiling,

Miss Lynch

Tuesday 28th April

Good afternoon Chestnut Class

 I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.  I have been busy planting seeds in the garden with my children.  We have started to grow a pepper plant and the shoots are coming through.  I have also been helping my children with some of their home learning tasks.  In the evenings I have been having game nights and playing card games and Uno with my family.  My daughter always seems to win!  We are going to play monopoly tonight so I will let you know how we get on.  Thank you for sending in your photos and letting us know how you are getting on.  I really miss all of Chestnut class and hope to see you all soon.

 Keep safe,

Mrs Cobley

Monday 27th April

Good Morning Reception children. I hope that you and your families are all keeping well? We have been very lucky so far in our lock down with this glorious weather and looking at your photographs, lots of families have been taking full advantage with being outside in their gardens. in their hot tubs or paddling pools or taking some exercise outside. Looking at all of your photographs is keeping us all going and is reminding us of all the things you like to do. Some of your parents have commented on how much you are enjoying the home learning :) If there is anything different you would like to do-don;t forget to use your Friday afternoons to complete those things or any other time in the day. Our timetables and activities are suggestions of things that we would have taught in school this term. I have been busy at home helping my husband to decorate the children's rooms. We are now moving onto our utility room so i have been kept busy during my holiday :)

Take care

Mrs Lewis x



Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I have loved looking at all your photographs on the display board, seeing what you've been up to makes me smile. Have you listened to me retelling the Three Little Pigs story? Mrs Lewis said the noise I make to 'blow the house down' sounds like someone popping from their bottom!! We laughed a lot when we she said that!! Some of the adults from school have been very creative, painting and sewing whilst they are at home. We are going to display their artwork in school when we return, so on my walk tomorrow  I am going to collect some natural objects to make a floor collage and take a photograph of it to put on display. Maybe you could have a go?

Take care everyone, from Mrs Grogan   

Friday 17th April

Hello everyone!

It’s been really lovely to receive photographs and messages from you all, seeing your cheeky smiles always make my day! It makes me so happy to see how creative you’ve been, whether it’s drawing pictures, practicing colouring or making things out of junk modelling. I also love how many of you have been spending time in the sun when you can. I’m making more of an effort to do my exercise in my garden everyday :)  My sister has been taking photographs of the birds that visit our garden, I wonder if you could photograph or draw a picture of what creatures you can find in your garden?

If you haven’t already, please make sure to email in as it would be great to hear from all of you :)

Stay safe and stay smiling,

Miss Lynch

Thursday 16th April

Good Afternoon reception children :) The Easter holidays are nearly finished and so I hope that you have eaten LOTS of chocolate and have taken a break from doing school work? I have been kept busy planning weekly activities for you starting from next week, i hope that you enjoy them? We have included lots of art and craft activities as we know that's what lots of you like to do! Once you have made your creations, don;t forget to ask your parents to email in your photographs as we love to see what you're getting up to whilst being at home. The weather has been lovely again this week so I have continued to enjoy my daily walks. It's lovely and peaceful and gives me a 45mins of peace and quiet away from my children ;) Continue to stay at home and stay safe

Take care from Mrs Lewis

Monday 13th April

Hello everyone, I hope you've managed to enjoy some of the sunshine this week either in your gardens or by going out for some daily exercise. I have been walking or riding out daily and I have also started the Joe Wicks PE sessions which have had me jumping about like a kangaroo and lunging like a superhero, which my children have found very funny! I saw from the display board that some of you have been in your paddling pools! I am off now to eat a chocolate Easter nest or two! Keep sending in your photos I love seeing what you've been up to.

Take care everyone from Mrs Grogan

Friday 10th April

Good afternoon everyone :) I hope that you have been able to enjoy the first week of your Easter Holiday, especially in this glorious warm weather we've been having. How have you been getting on with the holiday challenges? So far this week I have continued to take part in Joe Wicks daily PE session as well as going for a walk (by myself) This is helping to keep me active as well as enjoy the sunshine. We have also continued to bake in our house, today was Rocky Road. We are also planning to make an Easter cheesecake decorated with mini eggs! I'll let you know how we get on, i might even post a photo! I also had a sleep over with my girls whilst my son and his daddy had a sleep over in the garden in our new tent! We stayed up late watching a film and eating popcorn, chocolate and sweets! Continue to send in your messages, it really does make our day

Take care

From Mrs Lewis x

Sunday 5th Arpil

Hello to all of our reception classes, I have been looking at all your lovely photos you have sent in to our email address, I am amazed at how busy you have all been! Its been great to see all your smiley faces while spending time at home with your families. I have been busy too in my garden, looking after all the flowers and digging out the weeds. Make sure you are all keeping safe and healthy and hoping to see you all soon. Keep sending in your messages and photographs

From Mrs Johnson x

Friday 3rd April

Hello everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well?  I love seeing your photographs on the display board, there are lots of creative activities going on! If you haven't sent a photo in yet please do as it cheers us up seeing your smiley faces. Has anyone made a den yet? If you do send it in! Maybe I'll send a photo in of me on my bike ride.

Take care from Mrs Grogan x


Good afternoon Everyone! Not a day goes by where I don’t think of all you all. The photographs and messages that you're sending in are fantastic, keep them coming! I’ve been spending a lot of my time redecorating my house, I’ve already ruined my newly painted nails. I have recorded the story “The Magic Porridge Pot” by Rosie Dickins, Make sure to have a listen! I hope you enjoy the fun sound effects :) 

Keep safe and keep those smiles bigger than ever

From Miss Lynch x


Hello Reception :) I hope that you have enjoyed your two weeks at home, staying home to keep yourself and others safe :) I have loved seeing all of your photographs and videos which i have had the pleasure to upload onto the school website. Don;t forget to add them to Twitter too so that other families in other year groups can see and maybe even steal some of your ideas :) We have had a busy week in the Lewis household. Mr Lewis has tiled our downstairs toilet and has fixed the children's climbing frame with new rope. I have been busy planning more home learning activities for you guys. The new skill i have learnt this week is how to upload videos to the website and how to Tweet messages and photos on Twitter! I have completed Joe Wicks PE everyday this week too so i'm feeling a little bit fitter too. Continue to send in your messages and photographs as they REALLY do cheer us up.

Take care

Mrs Lewis x

Monday 30.03.2020

Good afternoon everybody I hope that you're all well and keeping safe by staying at home? I have been kept busy at home over the weekend making rainbows using Hama beads and also baking :) Week 2 timetable and documents have now been uploaded onto the schools website so have a look. I have also added on new photographs so have a look and if you're not on there, send them in and i'll upload them. Have a good week and I'll keep posting messages and photographs. 

From Mrs Lewis


Good Evening Reception. I hope that you've enjoyed week 1 home schooling? We're all really enjoying seeing your photographs. Keep them coming as it cheers us all up and helps us to remember all the fab things that you can do :) I look forward to seeing how you get on with making chocolate Easter nests next week-don't forget to post the photographs. I have been recorded reading the story-'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson, have a listen on our home page. Take care and keep safe by staying at home

Mrs Lewis


Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping busy at home. We have a games competition going on in our house. We play a game a day, for example; bop it, cluedo, monopoly, cards, Wii party, Mario Kart and then the person who wins the most games over the next few weeks wins a prize. We haven't decided on the prize yet but I think it will be chocolate! I have been going out on my bike to get some exercise, maybe you could send in some photographs of how you have been exercising. I am going to play Mario Kart now I wonder who will be the winner today?! Take care everyone from Mrs Grogan.



Hello Reception,

Hope you have been having a lovely time with your grown-ups during this difficult time.  Missing all of your cheeky smiles and laughter.  I have seen some of the things you have been up to through the eyfs email.  Keep sending in your photos and messages and the teachers will respond.  My family and I have been enjoying the sunshine in the garden, jumping on the trampoline and digging up weeds.  Hope that we get to go back to school soon.  Keep safe everybody!

From Mrs Cobley



Good Morning everyone. It’s been a delight to see such fantastic home learning taking place. I have been practicing my painting and drawing skills, I wonder if you can guess which Disney princess I painted? Check it out on our Brompton Westbrook Art Twitter page @BWPSart! Be sure to send in photos of your creativity so that it can be shared too.

Keep safe and keep your smiles big!

From Miss Lynch



Good morning children :) I hope that you've all been able to enjoy this glorious weather and learning some new skills at home? I am trying to keep fit following Joe Wicks' daily PE workout-have you tried it yet? We hope that you're enjoying our home learning ideas as well as completing some of your own? Check out our school twitter page for other ideas and keep sending us messages and photographs of what you're doing using our email. Keep safe

From Mrs Lewis

Reception The Three Little Pigs Read by Mrs Grogan 

Reception-The Magic Porridge Pot” Read by Miss Lynch

Reception - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Reception - Monkey Puzzle