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Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

Our new weekly blogs will give you more information about what your child is doing in school.  This will mean that you can ask meaningful questions to find out about their learning.

Week Commencing 16th March 2020

This week, children will be learning about Seasons. We will be going on a Spring walk and looking for signs of Spring. We will also be inviting in Mum's for an event in the main hall. In math sessions they will be comparing heavy and light and sorting items compared to their weight. They will be choosing items and using unifix bricks to see how much each items weigh. 

Week Commencing 9th March 2020

This week children will be continuing to learn about space. We will start the week listening to the Story of 'What ever Next' by Jill Murphy. We will learn space facts everyday as well as learning what it takes to be an astronaut. Mission X will help us to get fit and take part in Space activities. In math sessions we will be learning about time and measuring time. 

Week Commencing 2nd March 2020

Children will be learning about space. They will be read Aliens love underpants and will be investigating and creating their very own pants! They will also be creating their very own space items using junk modelling and no doubt a LOT of tin foil. In math sessions they will continue to learn about 3d shapes and their properties investigating which shapes roll and slide etc. On Thursday children will take part in World Book day and be choosing their own activities linked to books they know and love.

Week Commencing 24th February 2020

This week children will be starting their new RWI groups. We will be expecting most children from this term to be starting to write words and for some sentences. In the afternoons, children will be learning about growth; in plants and animals, including themselves. Please make sure that you send in a photograph of your child so that we can play guess the baby. 

In math sessions, children will be consolidating their knowledge of 2d shapes and learning names and playing 'I spy' to learn 3d shape names and properties.

Week Commencing 10th February 2020

FS2- Children will be continuing their topic of countries around the world. This week they will be learning about Nepal, it’s famous mountain, cultural dress, National flag and food.

In maths we will be learning to double, using our hands at first and then moving onto doubling up to 10.

Read, Write assessments will be completed and your class teacher will let you know via contact books what you can do at home to support your child and to let them know about progress.

Week Commencing 3rd February 2020

This week your child will be learning about take away by singing songs and seeing how many things are left and careful counting to check their answers. They will be using a number line to count back and take away numbers. In their afternoon topic sessions, children will be learning about India-cultural dress, food and where it is on the map which is continuing our theme of Countries from around the world. In PE they will be continuing to move in different ways, using the wall bars to climb and the horse boxes to jump and land appropriately.

It is National story telling week so your child will continue to hear lots of different stories by different authors.

Week Commencing 27th January 2020

This week, during our afternoon topic sessions, children will be continuing to learn about China, Chinese New year and tasting Chinese food. They will be reflecting on their own celebrations and talking about the types of clothes we wear when celebrating something particular. In math they will be using and applying their knowledge of number and counting to solve problems including adding. In PE children will be experiencing the wall bars and learning how to jump and land appropriately.

Week Commencing 20th January 2020

This week, in their afternoon topic sessions, children will be learning about China and Chinese new year (Chinese New Year parade in Chatham High street on Saturday 25th January) Children will be continuing to develop their blending skills in their new RWI groups. In maths we will be going over careful counting, recognising and writing number to 10 or 20 and counting on a back from any number. 

Week Commencing 13th January 2020

This week, children will be learning about Italy, it's customs, its buildings and the food that it is famous for-pizza (and other foods as well) We will be making pizzas next week. Please provide your child with any toppings that they wish to add to make their pizza their favourite. The children have started their new RWI and are working on using their sounds to write simple words. Some children will be using Fred fingers to write simple sentences. In math sessions we will be looking at being able to say 1 more and one less that a given number (to 20). Children still need to be rehearsing their careful counting so please support this at home. 

Week Commencing 6th January 2020

This week children will be talking about their festive break and looking at any photographs that have been sent in. Children will be talking about where they live and the places they have visited. They will talk about their own cultures and where they were born. We will discuss the demographics of our cohort of our children and look at where we all come from and talk about similarities and differences between us all. In RWI children will start their new groups so might not be taught by their class teacher. Some children will be continuing to use their sounds to read for blending whilst others will be starting to read books for the first time during RWI time. In math sessions we will be learning about sharing, making sure that children understand that sharing needs to be equal.


Caring Friend-Bradley and Lissi

Helping Hands-Jamie and Ellie

Outstanding Progress in RWI-Ethan and Ezmai

Most Progress in Writing-Jason and Sharlee

Most Progress in Maths Raeshean and Julia

Week Commencing 16th December 2019

This week children will be rehearsing and then performing their nativity play to school and then to parents. On the same day we will be eating Christmas dinner together, pulling crackers and telling jokes and there might even be a special visitor...

RWI assessments will be made so check contact for progress made and ways to support your child at home. We will be having our Christmas celebration this week, learning some dances and winning some prizes. In math sessions we will be learning about prepositions, placing  their star, Christmas tree or present in different places and describing this to their partner. School finishes at 1..15 on Friday with the Christmas market starting straight after that. Your children will be able to buy a range of festive items as well as purchase their very own calendar which they made using their own finger prints 


Fs2S-Sycamore Class

Kreation and Nathan for choosing to make paper chains using repeated patterns to decorate the classroom with 


FS2C-Chestnut Class

Raeshaean for his perseverance in making his own snowman with movable arms and head

Antonia for being a constant role model and making the right choices all of the time 

Fs2L-Larch Class

Isla for creating her own decorations for the classroom using her own designs and cutting out the shapes independently 


Week Commencing 9th December 2019

Children this week will be continuing to use their sounds for blending and reading simple CVC words. Please see homework sheet for the types of words that we are using and making at school during our RWI sessions. In math sessions we will be learning about repeated patterns, making our own ones as well as finding them in the environment. We are singing our nativity play songs on a daily basis so that we know the words off by heart. We will be practicing the play in the hall, using the stage this week too. We will be watching the KS1 performance this week as well as watching Cinderella which will be told by a touring panto company. Christmas crafts on Friday 13th Dec will be our Family Friday for this term as well as Christmas jumper day .

Week Commencing 2nd December 2019

Children this week will be experiencing the start of Christmas. With a daily visit from the class Elf (he doesn't arrive until Tuesday and isn't always making the wrong choices) A box arrives on Tuesday morning but what's inside..?

In math activities children will be learning about different aspects of space, shape and measure-capacity, length and weight. In RWI we are blending sounds for reading as well as writing simple CVC words using Fred fingers to help them hear the sounds. We are practicing our class Christmas nativity songs and some of them will be learning their lines to the play- I spy Christmas.

Fs2S-Sycamore Class

Alexis for always coming into school with a big smile and showing a positive attitude to her learning, in particular her Speech and language sessions with Mrs Grogan

Rehan for improving his stamina in his learning. He is now able to write his name much quicker and has moved up 2 RWI Word Time groups!

FS2C-Chestnut Class

Mys and Yaseen for their improved involvement in daily wake and shake sessions

Fs2L-Larch Class

Jamie and Ethan for applying their knowledge of sounds to be able to use Fred Fingers for writing simple cvc words

Week Commencing 25th November 2019

Children this week will be learning about the Christmas story and talk about why Christians celebrate Christmas. Children will get the opportunity to talk about how they celebrate Christmas. Children will be asked to re-tell and sequence the Christmas story. They will be continuing to learn the songs to their nativity (you will get the words sent home on Thursday) Children will be auditioning for a part in the play too. In RWI will we be reviewing the sounds we have learnt and using them to blend to read words. In math we will continue to take part in open ended math investigations based around weight, capacity and length problems. Children will also be writing letters to Father Christmas and posting them too.

Week Commencing 18th November 2019

This week we will be talking about day and night, talking about differences and similarities and finding out which animals appear in the day but not the night and vice versa. We will be listening to the story of Owl babies and talking about the dark and our feelings. In RWI we will be reviewing all the sounds as we have now taught all the sounds. Next challenge is to use those sounds to read and make simple words. In math we will be using our problem solving skills with weight, length and capacity problems.

Celebration Names this week are...

Fs2S-Sycamore Class

Danny for working hard at blending and Vicky for her stamina for writing her sounds

FS2C-Chestnut Class

Elijah for choosing to do writing during his play and Jada for always being a good role model to others

Fs2L-Larch Class

Ezmai for working really hard to hear sounds and blend them for reading and Genevieve for working hard at her sounds and using cued articulation to help her remember them

Week Commencing 4th November 2019

On Monday we will be laying our wreaths up at the memorial and taking part in the 2 minute silence and learn the reasoning behind it.Next week, children will be learning the last 3 sounds-x,ng and nk. After that they will continue to review all of the taught sounds and use them to blend for reading and writing. In Maths they will be looking at time-how long is a a minute? How many star jumps can I do in 1 min etc. We will also be sequencing activities and stories. In our afternoons, we will be learning about day and night an finding out which animals are nocturnal.

Week Commencing 21st October 2019

Children will be hearing the story of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' and taking part in various activities linked to the story. We will be leaning and using prepositions with various bears. We'll be exploring in our school forest school. In math we will be solving problems around taking away and finding out how much we have left. The sounds we are learning this week are j, v, y, w. Mrs Lewis will be completing Read, Write Inc assessments on all children and we will be able to give you feedback during parents evening next week. 

Week Commencing 14th October 2019

Children will be listening to the story of 'Oliver's Vegetables' and talking about how we grow vegetables, which vegetables we eat/don;t eat and why. We will also be discussing healthy and unhealthy food and looking at similarities and differences between fruits and vegetables. We will be preparing, making and eating vegetable soup across the week so please ask them what ingredients we used and what it tasted like. The sounds we'll be learning this week are l, h, sh, r. We will continue to practice our blending of sounds for reading-c-a-t=cat. In math we will be looking at 'what is combing' and what happens when we combine (add) objects and find the total. If you have replied online, your child will also be having the flu nasal vaccine. Some children will also be part of a government research project linked to technology.

This weeks celebration names were-FS2L-Aiden and Osarugue     FS2C-Rubyn and Isabella    FS2S-Lily and Jason. Please congratulate your child and ask them why they were chosen.

Week Commencing Monday 7th October 2019

Children will be learning about what is a friend and having various stories read to the them about friends and how being kind and friendly is the right thing to do. They will be taking part in activities linked to the Rainbow Fish story, as well as Sharing a Shell and Norman the slug with no shell. In math we will be exploring the concept of more and less and what that looks like. We will also be learning about 2 digit numbers and counting to 20. Thursday will be a PE session about large moments, catching balls and generally showing off their physical skills.

Week Commencing Monday 30th September 2019

Children will be learning about kindness and friendship through reading and taking part in activities linked to the story 'Farmer Duck'. In Math sessions, children will be continuing to practice their 1 to 1 careful counting, recognising their numbers and matching numerals to quantities. They will be having their first PE session in the hall so please make sure that PE kits are in school and all uniform and PE kit is named. 

This weeks celebration assembly names are; Nevaeh, Nadia, Sharlee, Antonia, Akorede and Emiana

Week Commencing Monday 23rd September 2019

Children will be learning to recognise numbers 9 and 10 and reviewing numbers 0-8. They will be matching numeral to quantity, making pictures/models using 2d shapes and also careful counting. We will be playing fastest finger to see who can show the correct amount of fingers-who will win??? In our taught sessions we will be looking at how to join materials together using a variety of tools. We will end our week with making this for a the Robot's party linking activities and ideas from the story book 'Robot Stop;. We are leaning sound in RWI and will be reviewing m,a,s,d and learning, t,i,n,and p. We are also working hard on writing our names.

Week Commencing Monday 16th September 2019

Children in reception will be learning about themselves and what makes them special/unique. They will have the opportunity to talk to their friends about the things they are good at. We will be focusing more on our school and class rules and behaviour policy in school and teaching them about our ‘Zero hero’ board. We will be discussing our rights and respecting school articles on adoption and the right to express themselves without being judged. In Maths we will be focusing on recognising numbers to 10 and careful counting. This weeks Celebration names were; Isla and Theodore from Larch class for being fantastic role models, Fuchsia and Bradley from Chestnut class for being kind and confident also for their helping with tidying up.  Sadie and Nathan from Sycamore class for being helpful and kind.

Week Commencing Monday 9th September 2019

Children in reception will learn about the school value 'Responsibility' and what that means to us and them. They will each be given a job which they will take responsibility for. They will learn and support each other at keeping their environment tidy and safe to learn and play. We will be consolidating and going over our class and school rules and practicing our transitions from place to place. We will learn each others names by playing different games and making new friends. Teachers will be observing children in their play, getting to see their interests and planning activities around them.