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Hello Star Class

We have finally made it, the last week of the school year. What a strange year it has been! We haven’t seen many of you for a while now but I have been so impressed with how many of you have engaged in your home learning. It is not easy to keep your concentration on your learning when you are home but you have managed it and our display board on the website looks amazing. Well done to all of you and particularly mum and dads who have had to be your teachers for months now as well as your mum and dads. Some of you are leaving us, moving to new houses or moving on to new schools. We wish you lots of luck and hope that you settle quickly to start your new adventures and challenges. Many of you are returning back to school in September but will be moving to your Reception class and a few of you are returning back to nursery. You have all been an amazing nursery group this year and we will miss you lots when you move on to the next stages in your learning journey. I hope you and your families have a lovely summer holiday and get a chance to rest, relax and recharge your batteries ready to start all over again in September.

Miss Copping


Hello Star class. Some lovely superhero learning going on last week. If you haven't sent your photos in it isn't too late.  More of your morning friends have returned to nursery and we are now quite busy in the mornings with lots of amazing learning going on and a little noise to! We are still much quieter in the afternoons but still managing to do lots of fun learning. This week our home learning is on the theme of mini beasts. We have already been out for a bug hunt and found many different mini beasts. The children were very excited so I hope you have as much fun exploring your areas for different mini beasts. We couldn't find any grass hoppers or crickets, spiders or worms. Hopefully you will be more lucky than we were.  Have a fun mini beast week and look forward to hearing what you get up to. Oh and don't forget to check out the display board to see what everyone has been up to.

Miss Copping


Hello Star Class. What a hot week we had last week. I hope you had a chance to get out in the sunshine. I think there were lots of water fights going on.  I saw lots of superheroes flying around last week and lots of Supertatos as well. The children in nursery really enjoyed being superheroes last week. They particularly enjoyed making their masks and all wanted to wear them home. We did some superhero yoga as well and we all found the Batman pose tricky. If you haven't tried your Superhero yoga yet maybe you could try them and see if you can do the Batman pose. This week we are carrying on with our heroes theme and now thinking about real life heroes - people who help us.  Your new home learning is on the website. As mentioned before we have been creating displays showing what we have been learning in nursery and what you have been learning at home. The pictures of these displays are now on the website to.  Have a lovely week everyone and I can't wait to hear about what you have all been getting up to.

Miss Copping


WOW! June is just whizzing past. I can't believe we are nearly at the end of this month.  Your friends who have come back to nursery have had a fun week and we definitely didn't let the rain stop us from having fun.  We started doing some yoga for children this week. I think we all found it a bit tricky, Mrs Head even changed some of the poses. I think she thought I wouldn't notice!  I have added some yoga poses into the home learning this week so that you can have a try at home as well. Did you play your crocodile race? We played it in nursery and all ended up laughing as everyone looked a bit funny on their bellies. There were also lots of animal noises around the nursery. I hope you made some animal noises at home to.  This week the weather is suppose to be very sunny and hot, so make sure you keep yourself safe in the sun. Remember to put your sun cream on and stay in the shade sometimes. This week's learning theme is super heros. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of super hero you are and finding out what your super power is.  Have a lovely week. Take care and stay safe.

Miss Copping


Hello Star Class

What an amazing lot of learning you all did last week. Our Space learning was very popular and many of your parents said how much you had enjoyed your learning last week. Many of you enjoyed making and eating your fruit rockets and there were lots of rock cakes being created. I have added some more cooking to this week’s activity ideas as I know how much you are enjoying the cooking activities. I’m looking forward to seeing the jungle animal cupcakes that you can make! Our display boards in nursery are beginning to look impressive and it’s lovely to see them including both work we have created in the nursery and photos of your home learning. When they are completed I will pop a picture on to the website.  This week’s learning theme is the jungle and there are lots of activities for you to choose from. Remember you do not have to do everything on the sheet, they are ideas for you to pick from. There are some new songs on there as ideas as I know that many of you enjoy singing but you don’t have to learn all of them every week. Have lots of jungly fun and I look forward to seeing what you create this week.

Miss you all.

Miss Copping


WOW what an exciting week we had last week. Your Under the Sea learning was amazing.  Some of your friends have returned to nursery. Our nursery looks very different at the moment and we have had to take a lot of our lovely things out of the nursery for a little while but your friends have coped very well with the changes. We have all been doing Under the Sea to and in nursery we are putting all our nursery learning and the home learning together on the wall.  Your photos and videos are now on the website and I have also put some photos of the children's first week back at nursery on the website to for you to see.  This morning we had a lovely surprise. Some robins have made their nest right in the middle of our outdoor toys.  We kept hearing baby birds chirping and seeing the adult Robins flying in and out and today we can just about see the nest.  They are very safe there and we are having to all be very careful when we are out in the garden.  This week's theme is 'Space'. Your home learning ideas are on the website. I have put in some more let's get physical activities as many of you enjoyed these last week.  I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and videos this week.

Miss Copping


Hello Star Class.  WOW what wonderful weather we have been able to enjoy this week.  It's been nice to hear that you are staying safe in the sun and many of you having a dip in your paddling pools.  Your new home learning activities are now on the website and this week's theme is 'Under the Sea',. Aysia and her family (from morning session) have made a model Sea Creature for you to look at for when you make your own sea creature. A picture of her creature is on the home learning sheet for this week.   Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing what you have all been up to.

Take care, keep well and stay safe.

Miss Copping


Hello Star Class. Well I definitely heard lots of stomping and roaring last week!  Well done for your dinosaur learning last week. I have seen some delicious biscuits being baked, dinosaur bones being discovered, dinosaur models being created in Lego, dinosaur costumes being designed and created and again many siblings getting involved.  Don't forget to check out your photos on the website. Mrs Mason looked at our display board the other day and she said "how cute is this?" and she even said to other teachers to come and check out your photos so keep sending them in as our display board is definitely looking amazing.  Before we had to close nursery many of you were enjoying playing castles so this week's theme is Towers, Castles and Dragons. Check out the home learning page as there are many ideas for you to choose from. When we were in nursery we always started our sessions off by getting our hands ready for learning by doing our basket activities. On the home learning part of the website are now lots of activities that you can choose from to help continue developing those fine motor skills to help make sure that your bones are developing well and that you are building up the strength in your hands before you start learning to write your letters when you join the Reception class.  I hope you enjoy your learning this week and I am already excited to find out what you get up to.

Miss Copping


Hello Star Class. WOW! what a busy week we all had last week. I can see that you really enjoyed your pirate week and the photos that you sent in were amazing. I hope you have had a chance to have a look at them on our nursery display board page. Our display board page is looing extremely impressive. The ways in which you are all keeping yourself busy is amazing and everything you do is always carried out with a smile on your faces. This week I want to hear a lot of roaring and stomping about as our theme this week is 'Dinosaurs'.  On our home learning page are lots of ideas of things that you can  do or maybe you can think of some dinosaur ideas of your own. I am feeling excited already to see what you get up to this week and can't wait to see your amazing photos/videos that I'm sure will soon be coming in.

As always Star Class stay well and stay safe.

Miss Copping


Good morning Me Hearties! This week’s home learning is on the theme of pirates. Have a look on the home learning section for ideas for you to do at home. I have a pirate challenge for you I hope you are brave enough to take the challenge or you will have to walk the plank. I would like you on Thursday or Friday to have a ‘Lockdown Pirate Day’. Encourage yourself and your family to dress up as pirates and have a fun pirate day. Where will you sail to on your pirate ship? Who will you meet? Who will have to walk the plank? What can you find around your house that you can use to dress as a pirate? Send your photos and videos in of you having pirate fun this week and let’s see if Star Class can take over the website / twitter with all our pirate adventures. I’m looking forward to seeing you and your family all dressed as pirates so get those photos coming in.   Have lots of fun this week and don’t get eaten by those sharks!

Miss Copping



Hello Star Class. Some more fabulous photos and emails sent in this week. Are you looking carefully to see if you can spot your friends? So far we have had two new babies born into our nursery family and we send our congratulations to Oscar’s family (PM session) who welcomed a girl and Srithik’s family (AM session) who welcomed a boy. I can see that many of you have been using our home learning activity ideas. I’ve seen photos of your ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ creations and this week seen an amazing bus that had been created from boxes and beautifully painted. I have also seen that many of you have planted some sunflower seeds and that these sunflowers are now growing. Carry on using these activities as they will help to keep you busy and keep you on track within the nursery curriculum. I’m pleased to hear that many of you are still singing your hand washing song. I know that many of you are missing being at nursery, and I am to, but you are coping very well in this difficult situation and I am proud of you all. Keep sending in your photos and emails and letting us know what you are up to. Keep well and stay safe and we can’t wait until we can all get back to nursery again.

Miss Copping


Hello Star Class.  It looks like you have all grown so big during your home schooling time. I can see from your fantastic pictures  that you have all been doing some amazing home learning, trying new foods and some of you have even been cooking. WOW you have all been so busy!  I hope that you are your family are keeping well. Keep up the great work and listening you have been doing.  Hope to see you all soon. With love and stay safe.

Mrs Head


Hello Star Class!  Lots of lovely photographs and emails again this week. You are definitely keeping yourselves (and your families) busy.  This week I have finally got around to learning how to upload your photos on to the school website. Mrs Lewis has kindly been doing it up to now but she can now get sometime back as I can do it so keep sending those photos in.  Have you seen the new home learning activities on our nursery page?  Pop over and have a look. There are now letters and sounds activities on there, just check mum/dad click on the right one as there are 2 different ones depending on whether you started nursery in January 2020 or if you are starting school in September.  Take care everyone, keep safe and keep washing your hands.

Miss Copping



Hello Star Class. Well you have definitely kept me busy this week looking through your amazing photographs and answering your wonderful emails. Keep on sending them in.  Have you been looking at the photographs on the display board?  Have you spotted any of your friends yet?  I hope you are getting outside and enjoying the lovely weather we are having at the moment.  I have been doing a lot of work at home this week and now keep looking at the cupboard in the bedroom that definitely needs a good sort out, but I might just finish reading my book first!  Take care everyone and stay safe.

Miss Copping



Hello Star Class. I hope you have enjoyed the first week of your Easter holiday. Have you completed any of the suggested home learning tasks for this week? Don't forget to send your photos in to me, I really do enjoy seeing them and are amazed at how busy you are all keeping yourselves!  We are really lucky with the weather at the moment so I hope that you are getting outside for a little while to get some fresh air and exercise.  I know that lots of you have been planting seeds so soon all our gardens and window boxes will soon be looking beautiful.  Enjoy the rest of your Easter holiday and don't eat too many chocolate eggs!

Miss Copping


 Hello Star Class

 I must say l have enjoyed looking at all the lovely pieces of home learning you have been sending in. It has definitely made me smile. I look forward to seeing more very soon. I have been busy making a headband using pink and white wool, and a button. There is a photo of it on the Brompton-Westbrook Arts twitter page. I have also seen some of your things on there too. Keep washing your hands and stay safe

 Miss Joughin




Hello Star Class.

Thank you to everyone who is sending in their photos via email. I am loving seeing all the amazing learning that you are all doing at home. It helps to bring a smile to my face to see you all so happy and having fun. Please remember mum and dad can also put pictures of your learning on our school Twitter account. There is a lot of baking going on out there at the moment and your cakes and sandwiches look delicious! All your adults are keeping themselves busy. Mrs Davies is continuing on with her university work and has been busy making a book showing the things that you like doing in the outside area. She is looking forward to being able to share it with all of us. All of us are busy doing training and reading to help us to make things even better at nursery. I hope you are all singing lots of songs and reading lots of stories. Stay well and keep safe.

Miss Copping



Hello Star Class. I hope that you are all keeping well and remembering to sing your hand washing song. All your adults at nursery are missing being with you all. I hope that you have enjoyed your home learning activities that was set for you. I know some of you have had trouble getting flour so have found different things to do rather than the baking activities. I am loving seeing all the photos that you are sending in of all the exciting learning that you are doing at home and seeing your happy smiling faces. These will be put on our school website in our nursery page so keep on sending them in. It’s nice to see many of you taking advantage of the sunshine and getting out in to your gardens. Take care everyone. See you soon

Miss Copping


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