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Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

Our new weekly blogs will give you more information about what your child is doing in school.  This will mean that you can ask meaningful questions to find out about their learning.

Week Commencing Monday 16th March 2020

This week we are continuing to use the theme of 'space' in our learning.  We will be creating space pictures using different 2d shapes. We will be learning the names of some 2d shapes and using different words to describe the shapes. We will also be practising our counting by counting things that can't be moved. On Thursday we will celebrate Mothers day by inviting our mums into the nursery to join us for some singing and then Miss Staples will join us as we will be planting some new trees with our mums .

Week Commencing Monday 9th March 2020

This week we will be joining in with science week. We will be using the theme of 'space' in our learning. We will be reading the story 'Whatever Next'  We will be packing our bags, thinking about what we would want to take with us to the moon. We will be using the word 'because' to share our reasons for taking these objects. We will be thinking about the information that we would want to tell an alien about ourselves and we will explore colour mixing to paint our own aliens.  We are learning a washing hands song and we use this song to make sure that we are washing our hands properly.

Week Commencing Monday 2nd March 2020

This week we will be reading Dr Seuss books and exploring rhyming. Some of us will be starting dough disco to build our gross and fine motor skills whilst others will be doing some oral blending and meeting Fred the Frog who only speaks to us in sounds. On Thursday we will be dressing up as our favourite book characters and we will pose on the cat walk to show off our costumes. We will do our book browsing this week to choose our books to take home to share with our families.

Week Commencing Monday 24th February 2020

This week nursery will be enjoying pancake day. We will be choosing what we would like to have on our pancake and then we will enjoy eating them!  Children will then talk about whether they enjoyed their pancake or not and use 'because' to explain their reasons.  Children have used mark making to create shopping lists and Mr Wolf enjoyed reading them. He has now asked the children to use mark making to show him how they made their pancakes. 

Week Commencing Monday 10th February 2020

After half term we will be enjoying pancake day so this week we are going to start getting ready. We will be reading Mr Wolf's pancakes and discussing what other stories this story reminds us of. We will be practising tossing pancakes using beanbags and bats. We will be learning a pancake rhyme and choosing our own actions to go with the rhyme. At the end of the week we will be helping Miss Copping remember what she needs to buy to make pancakes by creating our own shopping lists.

Week Commencing Monday 3rd February 2020

This week we will be reading the story Handa's surprise. We will be finding out the names of the different fruits and animals in the story. We will be thinking about the way that the animals move and thinking about how we can represent this using our bodies. In our maths work we will be following instructions and using positional vocabulary. In our letters and sounds work some of us will be learning the sound 'd' and others will be exploring rhyming or patterns with musical instruments.  Our children are enjoying choosing their own books to take home and read and this week in our book browsing time we will be encouraging children to share why they have chosen a particular book.

Week Commencing Monday 27th January 2020

This week we will be tasting different Chinese food. We will be thinking about words to describe what the different foods taste like and thinking about what we like to eat and do not like. We will be listening to the Chinese new year story and finding out why the years are names after animals. In our letters and sounds work this week some of us will be continuing with developing our listening and attention skills. We will be thinking about which nursery rhymes are our favourite and illustrating these  to make our own class nursery rhyme book.

Week Commencing Monday 20th January 2020

This week we will be exploring different vegetables. Children will be exploring weighing things and developing their measures vocabulary. Hopefully some of our vegetables will survive children exploring them and we can use different tools to peel and chop them up and make some delicious vegetable soup.  We will be reading Handa's surprise and thinking about where the story is set.  Some of our children are now beginning to learn some sounds and this weeks sound of the week is 'a'. 

Week Commencing Monday 13th January 2020

This week we will be finding lots of opportunities for mark making both inside and outside. We will be checking how we are holding our pencils and carrying on focusing on our fine motor skills development. We will be thinking about events that we have done in the past and using words like first, next, then to tell others about what we have been doing.  In book browsing time we will be making choices about the books that we want to read and demonstrating that we can hold them correctly and turn the pages carefully.

Week Commencing Monday 6th January 2020

This week we welcome our new starters to nursery.  We will have lots of opportunities to explore the areas in the nursery and show our own interests. We will be sharing what we did over the Christmas holidays. We will be showing our careful counting this week and reciting numbers in order.

Week Commencing Monday 9th December 2019

This week we begin our Christmas Celebrations.  The children will be decorating the nursery with the decorations they made last week with their families and each  day the children will get the opportunity to decorate the Christmas tree.  Children will be looking at Christmas objects and thinking about how to describe them. Children will have opportunities to share with each other how their own families celebrate Christmas.  We will be continuing to learn our Christmas songs ready to perform to our parents next week.  On Friday we will be wearing our Christmas jumpers.

Week Commencing Monday 2nd December 2019

This week our parents can join us for a Christmas crafting session where we will be making decorations to decorate the nursery ready for Christmas.  Some of us will be continuing with our dough disco whilst others will be continuing with their oral blending. 

Week Commencing Monday 25th November 2019

This week we are reading the story 'The Three Little Pigs'.  We will be helping the pigs to pack their suitcases, thinking very carefully about what they might need to take with them.  We will also be adding sound and movement to the story to make it more interesting.  In our child initiated time we will have the opportunity to be builders and try to build houses from straw, sticks and bricks.  Maybe the Big Bad Wolf might visit and try to blow our houses down!

 Week Commencing Monday 18th November 2019

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week and nursery will be taking part. We will be singing some of our favourite nursery rhymes and learning a new one 'Down in the jungle'.  We will be like the animals in the song and washing our clothes by using our motor skills - rubbing, spinning, pulling and squeezing. At the end of the week we will be dressing up as different nursery rhyme characters and sharing our costumes with our friends.

Week Commencing Monday 11th November 2019

This week nursery will be having a 'Wild Rumpus' as part of our learning based on "Where the Wild Things are."  We will be exploring positional vocabulary  by thinking about where Max is hiding in the nursery. We will be following instructions and learning words like 'under, on top of, through, next to, beside'. We will be exploring the noises that we think the Wild Things might make and exploring how they might move to create our own "Wild Things Rumpus."  This term we are focusing on developing our fine motor skills and this week we will be focusing on threading and squeezing movements to help strengthen our finger and hand muscles.

Week Commencing Monday 4th November 2019

This week we will be exploring our new basket activities to help us develop our fine motor skills.  We will be talking about fireworks and the sounds and patterns they make. We will be exploring the shapes they make with our bodies and using musical instruments to make our own firework compositions. This week our key text is 'Room on a Broom'. We will be talking about the characters and joining in with the repetitive phrases. We will be playing with rhyming patterns and making magic potions by putting in pairs of rhyming words.

Week Commencing Monday 21st October 2019

This week nursery will be exploring pumpkins. We will be looking at them and touching them and thinking of interesting words to describe them. We are going to use our observational skills to create our own pumpkin pictures using our own choice of paint, crayons, pencils or collage. We will also be continuing to practise our counting skills and using body percussion to accompany nursery rhymes.

Week Commencing Monday 14th October 2019

This week we will be making jelly and tasting it.  We will be focusing on shape this week, looking for shapes in the environment, using shapes in our creative work and beginning to name some 2d shapes.

Week Commencing Monday 7th October 2019

This week we will be reading the story of The Little Red Hen. We will be learning the repetitive phrases and trying to use them to retell the story. We will be thinking about the way in which the animals move and trying to move like the animals from the story. We will be making marks to show which part of the story we like best. In our number work this week we will be continuing to learn some number songs and reciting our number names in order.

Week Commencing Monday 30th September 2019

This week we will be reading the story The Stick Man.  We will be collecting sticks from around the school and using these in our art work to create our own stick people.  We will be looking at ourselves and thinking about what is the same and different about us.  We will be talking about our families and thinking about the things we like to do with our families. In our phonics work we are developing our listening skills and listening to the different sounds in our environment.

Week Commencing Monday 23rd September 2019

This week we will be reading the story of ;Jack and the Beanstalk;. We will be listening carefully to sounds and trying to take the Giant's bells without him hearing. We will be making marks to show our favourite parts of the story. In our maths work we are going to be using our careful counting to count out how many coins Jack stole from the giant. We will be building beanstalks using large blocks and painting pictures to go with the story.

Week Commencing Monday 16th September 2019

This week we will be remembering how to join our small groups and using our good sitting, good listening and good closed lips skills. We are thinking about our feelings and making faces with playdough to show how we are feeling. We will also be counting this week and seeing how far we can recite our numbers in order. We will be doing some physical sessions and thinking about how our body changes when we are exercising. We will continue to explore both our indoor and outdoor environments.

Week Commencing Monday 9th September 2019

This week in nursery we will be beginning to learn the behaviours we need when we are learning in small groups.  We will be learning about good sitting and good listening.  We are going to be focusing on learning the names of our adults and our friends.  We will be working together to learn about sharing and turn taking. We will continue to explore around the nursery and focus on handling our equipment gently and carefully.