Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

Our new weekly blogs will give you more information about what your child is doing in school.  This will mean that you can ask meaningful questions to find out about their learning.

Week commencing 3rd December 2018

In Year 4 numeracy, children will be continuing to develop their written methods for division and multiplication and applying these skills to answering one and multi-step word problems. During Read Write Inc, Year 4 children will be writing a recount based on Egyptian experiences.

 In topic sessions, children will be continuing to explore Judaism and will be looking at why Passover is an important part of Jewish life.  They will also be looking at magnets and what they are used for in science. This will all be alongside the normal sessions of PE, music, computing and French that takes place on Tuesday afternoons.

Week commencing 26th November 2018

In Year 4 this week, children will be completing their reading, SPAG and spelling tests during Read Write Inc time. They will also be having their first French lessons on Tuesday afternoon. In numeracy, In numeracy, they will be using multiplication and division formal methods as well as accessing mastery questions 

In topic work, we are going to begin to create our Christmas decorations as well as taking part in RE and art lessons.

 Week commencing 19th November 2018

In Year 4 literacy this week, we will continue with poetry and begin to compose our own poems. In numeracy we will be focusing on dividing by 100/1 as well multiplying by 1 and 0, we will be answering mastery questions to deepen understanding. In topic this week we will continue our science work on forces and learn more about Judaism in R.E.

 Week commencing 12th November 2018

In topic, children will continuing to learn about the ancient Egyptians and will be writing a recount about their visit to Kent life and will be reflecting on what they have learned. Children will also be continuing with their Music and Rugby lessons. Children will also be learning about friction in their science lessons.

Week commencing 5th November 2018

In RWI lessons, Year 4 will be continuing to learn about different forms of Poetry particularly looking at key features. In Maths, year 4 will be continuing with their Perimeter lessons and will then be learning how to work out the area of shapes. Year  4 will be continuing with their Computing and Rugby lessons and will also watch ‘The Prince of Egypt’ this week. Year 4 will also be going to the Museum of Kent Life for their Egyptian themed school trip.

Week commencing 29th October 2018

Year 4 children will be exploring different types of poetry in Read, write inc. In Numeracy, Year 4 children will be exploring measurement looking at kilometres and perimeter on a grid,rectangle and rectilinear shapes. In Topic, Year 4 children will be starting their gymnastic lessons and will be continuing with their computing lessons. In addition to this, Year 3 children will be taking part in a nature walk and starting their science lessons about forces.

Week commencing 15th October 2018

Year 4 will be writing their adventure stories in RWI. In Maths, year 4 will be learning about estimating and checking strategies for addition and subtraction. In topic, Year 4 will be learning about mummification and the importance of the ancient ways of recording. Year 4 will also be starting to paint their  finished drawings in Art and will also be continuing with P.E and Computing lessons.

Week commencing 8th October 2018

In numeracy children are adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers and introducing bridging whilst in literacy they will be beginning to plan their adventure stories, using all of the information, description and ideas from their learning last week.

Children will be learning about the Egyptian gods and goddesses this week as well as investigating the geographical features of the River Nile. In PSHE lessons, children will be learning about the rule of Law and in Art lessons, children will be making their very own Papyrus paper using brown paper. Children will also be continuing with their computing, music and P.E lessons.

Week commencing 1st October 2018

In Read Write Inc, children will be exploring the way that adventure stories are written following the reading of ‘Shrinking Violet’. They will also be starting their story plan. Within this, Year 4 will be focusing on using fronted adverbials and determiners within their writing. In numeracy, children will continue with their learning focusing on rounding and beginning to use negative numbers.

Also this week the children will be continuing with their learning about Ancient Civilisations with a particular focus on comparing Egypt and the Indus Valley in geography. In history, we are going to explore the different regions of Egypt and learning about Pharaohs. Rugby and gymnastics will continue as well as computing and music lessons.

Week commencing 24th September 2018.

We will be continuing to learn about the Egyptians through, literacy, art, history and geography. 

In numeracy the children will be learning place value and applying this to mastery questions.  In literacy we are reading Shrinking Violet.  The children will continue to read the story and answer questions, make predictions and use their knowledge of the story so far to role play scenes.

Year 3 will learn ocarinas in music whilst year 4 are working on their coding skills in computing.  In addition to this, all children will be taking part in either gymnastics or rugby for PE.