Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

Our new weekly blogs will give you more information about what your child is doing in school.  This will mean that you can ask meaningful questions to find out about their learning.

Week commencing 24th June 2019

This week our mums and dads are invited to stay in the nursery and read stories with us.  Some of us will be using small world resources to make up our own stories and performing our own puppet shows.  We continue to learn and improve our sports day skills.

Week commencing 17th June 2019

This week we are continuing to learn our sports day games.  We will be carefully carrying a cup of water, trying to make sure we keep as much water as possible in the cup.  Our dads are joining us for fun in our forest school. We are also practising putting bean bags into hoops.  In maths we are looking at groups of objects and saying which has the most, which has least and which are the same.

Week commencing 10th June 2019

This week we begin learning the different games for our sports day later in the term.  We will be learning how to balance a satsuma on a spoon whilst we are running.  In maths we are practising our counting skills and remembering that the last number we say when we are counting a set of objects shows how many there are in the set.  Some of us have begun to learn some letter sounds and this week we will be learning, s, t and d.  The rest of us will be continuing practising our oral blending and listening to the things that Fred the Frog has to tell us. 

Week commencing 3rd June 2019

This week we welcome our children back after their half term holiday.  This week we are finding out about different pets.  We will be making wishes about the pets we would like to have.  We will be thinking about how to care for our pets.  We will be singing different number rhymes to help us practise our counting. 

Week commencing 20th May 2019

This week in nursery we are visiting forest school. We love going to forest school and trying the different activities. We will be hunting for the animals that have been hidden and hunting for numbers. We will have the opportunity to try the swings and to climb the tree ladder as well as playing in the fantastic mud kitchen. Back in nursery this week we are matching numbers to sets of objects that we have counted. We are finally getting to use our new jungle area, so I’m sure there will be lots of roaring in the nursery!

Week commencing 13th May 2019

This week in nursery we are reading the story ‘Walking Through the Jungle’. We will be learning different animal names and thinking about which jungle animal is our favourite and giving reasons why. We will be drawing our favourite animals and doing some mark making to go with our creations. In maths we are looking at shape and pattern and creating our own snakes. We will continue to explore the different areas in the nursery and thinking about what creations we can make with our different loose parts.

Week commencing 6th May 2019

This week in nursery we are exploring the print in our environment. We will be hunting for numbers and looking at shop signs.   In maths we are continuing to practise our counting and finding different ways to represent numbers. We will be reading jungle stories and thinking about the different ways in which jungle animals move.

Week commencing 29th April 2019

This week in nursery we will be listening to different stories and talking about them.  We will be thinking about the characters and settings for stories and saying what our favourite parts of stories are.  We will also be practising our cutting skills this week.  We will be checking that we can hold scissors correctly and making sure that we are cutting rather than tearing.  We have a new ‘vanity’ area in the nursery and we will be exploring the different resources that are in there.  We have some new bells as well and we will be exploring the different sounds that the bells make.

Week commencing 25th March 2019

This week in nursery we will be exploring our sense of smell. We will be smelling lots of different things and thinking of words to describe what we smell.  We will be developing our turn taking skills by playing lots of circle games.  In our maths work this week we will looking at splitting a group in different ways and knowing that the total still stays the same.  We will be thinking about our mums and why our mums are special to us.

Week commencing 18th March 2019

This week in nursery we are reading the story Rapunzel.  We will be making towers using different construction materials and thinking about how we can make the towers shorter or longer.  We will be thinking about the witch in the story and using shapes and loose parts to create our own witch pictures.  This week children have enjoyed using natural materials in their mark making and we will build on this interest by looking at the work of Jackson Pollock and create our own Jackson Pollock art work by splatting, flicking, dropping, spreading, rolling natural materials in paint and looking at the effects that this creates.

Week commencing 11th March 2019

This week nursery will be joining in with science week.  We will be exploring science within the theme of materials.  We will be exploring different textures and creating our own texture pictures.  We will be going on a spring walk and collecting natural resources.  We will be using these in our mark making activities.  We will be using instruments to listen to different sounds and explore ways to change sounds.  We will be enjoying the story ‘When the tiger came to tea’

Week commencing 4th March 2019

This week we will be busy mixing and flipping pancakes.  We will be trying different toppings for pancakes and deciding which we like best.  On Tuesday we will be enjoying pancakes for our snacks! Magnets will be introduced to our environment this week for children to explore.  We will be developing our mark making area this week so watch out for any 'GIANT' clues that might start appearing!

Week commencing 25th February 2019

This week in nursery our key text is Mr Wolf’s pancakes.  We will be enjoying this book and linking the story to other stories that we know.  We will be learning about pancake day.  In the water tray we will be exploring the use of whisks and mixing bowls.  We will continue to have fun in our new loose parts area and using the larger loose parts outside.

Week commencing 11th February 2019

This week we are learning about Buddhism.  We will be asking questions to find out about Buddha and learning about the celebration called Wesak.  We will be using shape to create our own mandala patterns.  We will be exploring our new maths area discovering the new loose parts that we can use to count and sort.

Week commencing 4th February 2019

This week in nursery we are practising our dressing skills.  We will be trying hard to put our own coats on and trying to do our zips up.   We will be  visiting forest school this week and having lots of fun in the mud!  On Wednesday we will be finding out about Chinese New Year and tasting some Chinese food.  In our maths work we will be carrying on with our counting and saying number names in order and counting sets of objects.  In our child initiated time children will be exploring their own interests and we are focusing on our playing together skills.

Week beginning 28th January 2019

This week in nursery we will be sharing with each other the things that we like to do when we are not in nursery.  We will be sharing using our words and through mark making.  We will be looking at a range of different resources and thinking about how we can use these in different ways in our play.  We will be practising our counting and discovering how far each of us can count on our own.  We will be playing with balls outside and seeing if we can throw and catch a large ball.

Week beginning 14th January 2019

This week in nursery we will be enjoying the story of Handa’s Surprise.  We will be using this book to help us with our counting and practising our size and quantity vocabulary like larger, smaller, heavier, lighter.  We will be thinking about the fruits that we enjoy eating and thinking of words to describe them.  We will continue to explore around our nursery and looking at the new areas.  We will explore our new home corner area and our new authentic resources.

Week beginning 7th January 2019

This week we welcome our new children to the nursery.  We are looking forward to helping these children settle into the nursery and finding out about their interests.  This week we will be reading the story Handa’s surprise.  We will have opportunities to role play the story and investigate the different fruits that Handa carried.  We will find out about the animals in the story and look at non fiction books about these animals.  In maths we will be comparing the sizes of the different fruits from the story and developing our use of quantity vocabulary.

 Week beginning 3rd January 2019

We will welcome everyone back after the Christmas holidays.  We are looking forward at finding out how children celebrated Christmas or spent their time over the holiday.  We will be settling back in to nursery and reminding ourselves of out rules and routines.  We also welcome our new Nursery Officer Mr. Russell and I’m sure the children will enjoy finding out all about him.

Term 3

This term we are following the whole school topic “Food Glorious Food”.  Our key text will be Handa’s surprise and we will be using this to explore healthy eating and comparing sizes as well as practising our counting skills.   We will also be reading the Traditional tale Little Red Riding hood and using different construction materials to create our own wolves.  We will use musical instruments and movement to explore how the wolf might sound and move.  At the end of the term we will be finding out about Chinese New Year and finding out how it is celebrated.

Week commencing 3rd December 2018.

Christmas arrives at nursery this week.  We kick off our festivities with a parent child Christmas crafting event where children will have opportunities to make decorations to put up and around the nursery.  We will be busy decorating our Christmas tree and writing letters to Father Christmas. In our parcel wrapping workshop area children can choose to wrap up different parcels and write labels for them.  As always children will have the opportunities to explore their own ideas and interests and we look forward to seeing what children choose to do this week.

Week commencing 10th December 2018.

We continue our learning about Christmas this week by exploring why people celebrate Christmas.  We will have an opportunity to play with the nativity scene and retell the Christmas story.  We will be looking at the work of Jackson Pollock and using this as inspiration to create our own calendars.  We will be continuing to listen to many different Christmas stories.  Our snowmen have all lost their buttons and in our maths learning this week we will be busy counting different sets of buttons for them.  At the end of the week we are looking forward to performing our Christmas songs to our parents and joining our parents for a cup of coffee and a mincepie!

Week commencing 26th November 2018

This week our story is The Gingerbread man.  We will be carrying out some problem solving activities where we will be thinking of other ways for the Gingerbread man to cross the river.  We will be baking our own Gingerbread men and looking at how the ingredients change as we mix them and heat them.  We will be exploring the different sounds that we can make with our voices and at the end of the week we will be doing our Write Dance session where we will be working on developing our gross and fine motor skills so that we can make marks in lots of different ways.

Week commencing 19th November 2018

This week our story is The Three Little Pigs.  We will be helping the pigs count out objects for their suitcases and exploring different sounds that we can make with our voices to add musical accompaniment to the story.  We will be adding movement to the different parts of the story. In our child initiated time we will continue to explore our interests around the nursery.

Week commencing 12th November 2018

This week in nursery the adults will be enhancing children’s learning by introducing the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Children can explore the resources around the nursery to create their own imaginary worlds and wild things.  They will have opportunities if they wish, to explore floating and sinking and they could choose to use play dough to create objects for the wild things to eat or play with. 

Week commencing 5th November 2018

This week we will be looking at the patterns and movements that fireworks make in the sky and thinking about the sounds they make.  We will also be finding out about Diwali and how people celebrate it.  We will be using shapes to create firework pictures and exploring the different effects we can get with paint by using different tools.  We will be practising putting our own coats on and challenging ourselves to try and learn to do our zips up.

Week commencing 29th October 2018

This week we are using the children’s interests about fairies and witches.  Our key text is “Room on a Broom”  We will be using different construction materials to create places for our witches and fairies to live and mark making to tell people about our fairies and witches.  We will be making magic potions and flying away on broomsticks and thinking about the places that we can visit and the mischief that we could get up to.  We will be looking at the “Room on the Broom” cook book and trying out some of the recipes.  We will be developing our maths skills by counting objects around the nursery and using shapes in our pictures and models.

Term 2

This term in nursery we will be continuing to look out for children’s interests and plan enhancements to the nursery to extend their ideas.  We will be particularly focusing on developing children’s imaginations by thinking about imaginary places that we could travel to and creating models and pictures to show these places. Our key texts next term will be Room on a broom, The three little pigs, Where the Wild things are.  At the end of the term we will be excitedly getting ready for Christmas, making decorations and practising for our Christmas show that we look forward to performing to our parents..

Week commencing 15th October 2018

This week in Nursery we are reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We will be learning about how stories are structured and looking carefully at the illustrations.  We will be making our own beanstalks and using language like bigger and smaller, taller and shorter.  We will use mark making to show the parts of the story that we like and we will be creating our own dinners for the giant to eat.  Our word for our ‘We are’ board is ‘friendly’ and we will be looking for lots of opportunities to tell each other how we have demonstrated ‘friendly’ this week.

Week commencing 8th October 2018

This week we will be using our interests about Autumn and reading the story of The Little Red Hen. We will be trying to join in with the repetitive phrases and retelling the story using props.  We will be identifying our favourite parts of the story and showing this through drawing and mark making.  In our number work this week we will be helping the little red hen to give each of the animals some bread and counting how many pieces each animal has.  We have enjoyed creating our own camp fires in nursery and we will be visiting the forest school area to look at a real fire – hopefully we will get the chance to toast some marshmallows!

Week commencing 1st October 2018.

This week we will be continuing to explore our learning environment.  We are finding out what is available in our nursery and what we can do with it.  We will be using the resources that we collected on our Autumn walk last week and reading books about Autumn.  We love painting in the nursery and this week we will be exploring what happens when we mix primary colours.  We will be singing number rhymes this week including five little ducks and five speckled frogs.